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Director of App Design

Posted on: 22 Apr 2014
Location:CA, USA 

Dropcam makes cameras and related devices to help you connect to your home.  Customers watch their babies, pets, kids, and valuables from our apps, while our real-time analysis and notification system magically helps them know when important moments happen.

We’re looking for a Director of App Design who is passionate about designing delightful applications that:
* control consumer devices remotely 
* provide easy-to-understand ways to manage and sift through data
* feel coherent across phones, tablets, and browsers.
Our users just want to know what’s going on at home, not analyze and find everything using scrubbers and lists.

A strong visual design sense is required - Dropcam emerged from a product category that is scary and focused on security, among hardware manufacturers who have no clue about user experience.  We’re promising a more friendly, hopeful, high-end product that is used by families to stay connected.  Baby’s first steps, dogs intruding in your yard, bad UPS drivers, good kids doing homework - we capture it all, and we want Dropcam’s design to convey that warmly.  You don’t have to implement everything, but we do want you to own it.

Controlling hardware using your iPhone, Android, or web browser is something new.  So is having a video history of a location - at least 7 days worth for our customers.  How should setup work?  How do you provide feedback?  How do you navigate all that video and find important moments?  How do you share device and video access while maintaining a secure feeling?  Lots of questions abound as we build a set of devices and software to manage them.  The user experience and interaction design has to match the quality of the best apps, not other hardware.

Our team is approximately 60 people, including some great engineers and product managers working on software across the spectrum.  We also have a small initial design team and we want a lead to continue building the team and establish our design identity.

This role reports to the SVP-Product and will interact a lot with the CEO and VP-Marketing.  We all want to build an amazing, well-designed product experience.  When people open a Dropcam app let’s delight them!

You’re the right person if you have:
* a stellar online portfolio showcasing mobile and web app development (not just landing pages and home pages please)
* a Dribbble, Forrst, or Behance profile
* shipped software products - even better if we can check it out today by visiting a url or downloading an app
* worked with other designers and managed a few (we don’t need a manager, but if you’ve mentored or developed talent, that’s awesome)
* an interest in the intersection of hardware and software
* an interest in mobile app development and video
A Dropcam is going to be in every home - this is a unique opportunity to build one of the main ways people will connect in the future.  We’ve already established a new bar for this category, and with your help we can do even better!