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UI/UX Designer / Front-end Developer

Posted on: 31 Oct 2013
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
We’ve got a pipeline of projects in the works, using 3D assets from games to produce differentiated interactive marketing experiences for game studios. And this is just the beginning. We’re also working on apps in the scientific visualization space, in heritage/museums, with architecture firms, and of course with CG artists and the communities that represent them. Our sweet spot is web applications with gaming/3D elements, and the market opportunity is massive. 
We have an opening on the team for a senior UI/UX designer / creative front-end developer, to work on our tools' graphic interface and also on client projects (websites and mobile applications). The principal responsibility will be design, but at Verold our Venn diagram between front end dev, back end dev, and design overlaps more than you may be used to. You’ll be responsible for creating the design brief and initial prototypes, and working with the team on delivery. The work will not be like anything you’ve done before; you’ll have to be excited to learn new skills and get out of your comfort zone to find creative solutions to design challenges. You will need to articulate your ideas through mockups, wireframes, and working code. We value initiative, design research experience, a strong aesthetic tempered with empathy (we have the toughest clients in the world – they are all artists!). You will be required to do some internal print design work (business cards, stationery, promotional posters, etc.). 
Terms of employment: Permanent position 
Wage: $2,500-4,000/month depending on experience
Benefits package being offered: You will be eligible to participate in our standard employee benefits package. Your eligibility for coverage and benefits will continue to be governed by the terms and conditions of our benefit plans, as amended from time to time.
Location of work: Toronto
Skills requirements / Education:
Technical degree (Engineering or Computer Science)
Extensive knowledge of the following technologies, techniques and applications: HTML, CSS, LESS, SEO, Responsi ve Web Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign.
Basic knowledge of Javascript/JQuery.
W ork experience:
+4 years of professional experience as a designer
Experience designing UI/UX for web applications
Experience using live code and wireframes/mockups to effectively communicate and ideate on design vision and patterns
Experience creating Responsive Web Design
Experience working with at least three different Content Management Systems (e.g. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal).
Experience working with web frameworks (e.g. JQuery Mobile, Bootstrap)
Experience working with version control 
Experience in print design
Experience dealing with clients and project managers
Experience with 3D tools or 3D web technologies
Experience designing native or web applications for mobile devices
Online portfolio that showcases creative skills