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Product Designer

Posted on: 06 Sep 2013
Location:Mountain View, CA, USA 

At Quora, we are as much a product company as we are a technology company and we expect continual product innovation from our product designers. As a product designer at Quora, you will have the authority and ability to make strong decisions about important parts of the product without much oversight. To help accomplish this goal, you will have the environment to execute on your vision, powerful tools to rapidly iterate through your ideas and an incredible team to help make you and your work better.


  • Strong portfolio including self-started projects
  • Extraordinary product, interaction, and visual design talent
  • Curiosity and passion for crafting amazing experiences
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to explain your design decisions
  • Substantial experience designing interactive online products
  • Ability to build what you design
  • The number of years of professional experience you have isn't important to us
  • You should be ready to make this startup the primary focus of your life

Exceptional candidates will have:

  • B.S. in Computer Science, HCI, Symbolic Systems, or equivalent experience
  • Experience with product management
  • Experience with mobile design
  • Familiarity with Python

You should be comfortable with autonomy and ownership of large areas of the product but open to and interested in gathering feedback. An ideal candidate will have the potential to grow into a strong leadership role over time--in either a individual contributor or management capacity (i.e. eventually the equivalent of a Google Fellow or a V.P.)

We have built up technical infrastructure that makes it easy for us to quickly implement products and features that are composed from reusable building blocks, and that automatically update in real time as the underlying data in our system changes, without any extra work. These abstractions power the current Quora product, and this means that we can focus more on design and less on implementation in getting a product or feature built and released. As a result, product designers are highly empowered and are especially important to us.

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