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the Girl's got Balls

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"The Girl's Got Balls!", - is a portrait series of Ladyboys in Thailand coming from all social classes and all ages. The Thai culture handles the sex change respectful with its strong religious believes that accepts this 3 gender without any limitations to society,sometimes shocking and sometimes educational. In total opposite to the often uptight and prude culture we are taught in the western world, were transgender is almost a taboo and seen as skanky and unacceptable to the society.. its a project that deals with a Human gender issue with the physical and mental struggle to escape and transform the male body into a female body that the Ladyboy has been trapped in since birth. In believe and search for status and acceptance that the real woman receives in their daily lives, They take the choice and go through almost all extremes of mental and physical pain in order to change from boy/men in to a women’s body. The body tells their physical struggle to finally change of what they have dreamt of for many years most replicating and wanting to look like the glamorous body of international super models or famous stars.

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