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Francesca Guadagnini for the European Photography Festival, Reggio Emilia, 2012.
  • dreamland
    - francesca guadagnini, 2012, for European Photography Festival (Reggio Emilia)
  • I remember we were in a small pub with candles on the tables. 
    "Tell me, where would you like to live?"
    Someone knew exactly where, when and why, others didn't have a clue about it. 
    They took their time, and posed for me some days later.
    The creative ones loves cities, people and caos, others prefer quietness and silence.

  • Martino, iOS programmer.
    He is a dear friend, I met him at University.Sometimes he steals my camera and takes strange pictures.
    His dreamland is Amsterdam.
  • Michele, Foursquare superuser and Apple reseller.
    I met him at University, he was the first person I talked with.
    He is the most quiet person I've ever met.
    His dreamland is Iceland.
  • Giacomo, departement head in a computer store.
    Hard gamer, romantic inside.
    I met him at University, he is a pisces like me and we often share the same thoughts.
    His dreamland is a videogame.
  • Marco, dj, creative.

    He loves cooking and tasty food, music, having tons of friends.
    His ideal job is to say "no" to ugly things and "yes" to awesomness.
    His dreamland is Berlin.

  • Carolina, degree in ichthyology. 

    We were in the same high school but never talked to each other.
    She is a theater actress and a funny person.
    Her dreamland is Norway.
  • Giulia, pharmacy student.

    She and Marco are the loveliest couple I've ever met.
    I met her thanks to her boyfriend, who is a drummer.
    Her dreamland is Sydney.
  • Tommaso, law student.

    I met him thanks to a magazine where we worked together.
    He is my boyfriend and I never know what to gift him for birthday. 
    His dreamland is to rebuild his city after the earthquake.
  • Paolo, iOs programmer.

    He loves music and concerts.
    Huge Apple fan, he is my housemate.
    His dreamland is the countryside.

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