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ashanti funeral in kumasi

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I attended the Ashanti funeral in kumasi, is been a unique opportunity to understand the culture traditional Akan people

  • I attended the Ashanti funeral  in kumasi, is been a unique opportunity to understand the culture traditional Akan people.
    The Ashantis are well known for their strict observance and cooperation during funeral
    are celebrated to commemorate the deceased and are a unique event that takes place after the burial. It celebrates the transition of the soul of the deceased, into the ancestral world where it becomes a protective spirit for the clan, therefore highly venerated. 
     The Ashanti funerals In Asante Culture the death of a person is seen as a blow to the entire community and everybody shares the grief.
    Family, friends and acquaintances, sometimes in their hundreds, take part in the celebrations.
    The participants dress in accordance with tradition, the dress worn by relatives is in red while the others wear black cloth and every piece of gold jewelry their bodies can support. 
    There are many rituals: giving offerings to the spirits of the ancestors, food, drinks, traditional dances accompany him in the world of the ancestors in a flurry of
    drumming and wild dancing
    The ashanti chiefs attending the funeral in the shade of large red and black colorful umbrellas surrounded by their court.

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