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Your PET and YOU

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This is an ongoing, free project of pets and their owners. For more images check the project website
  • Your PET and YOU
    is a ongoing series of pets and their owners

    newest images at the bottom
    or check the website

    Please respekt my Copyright.
    NO usage without written permissions! 

  • Persian "Djunam" 14 years and Adrianna
  • Andalusian Mix "Katze" 6 month and Angela
  • Rattero Malorcin "Batman" and Angelika
  • Pug "Cookie" 13 Years and Anna
  • French Bulldog "Bane" 6 month and Kelly-Anne
  • Ragdoll Cat "Kasimir"  2 Years old and Bettina! 
  • 14year old Border Terrier "Pelle" and his loveley owner Ulrike
  • 6 Month youn andalusian Mix "Finya" with her owerns and the playpet.
  • 6 Year old Pug-Brabanter Mix "Leeloo" and Flo
  • Housecat "Jack" and owner Simone
  • House cat "jim" and owner Tom
  • 3 Year old OWL "Waldemar" and Owner Inga
  • 6 Year old Dachshunds "Ludwig" and Kerstin
  • 12 Year old Pug "Lucky" and his owner Wenke.
  • Bernie, 15 week young Pug and Tine
  • Milo, 4 year old Terrier and Fabian
  • Rattero Malorcin "Robin" 11  weeks  and Ellen
  • Pug "Tyler" 7 month young and his parents Janine & Ramon
  • Havaneser "Cookie" 3 Years and her big sister Sarika
  • "Betty", French Bulldog, 2 Years and Kevin
  • StreetMix "Bonnie" and Madlen
  • Mini Griffon "Brutus" and Matthias
  • French Bulldog "Diego" and Karoline
  • 2 Year old Sphinx-Cat "Lucy" and her beast Sarah! 
  • 5 Year old french Bulldog " Lennox" and Marcel
  • Blind House Cat "Captain Jack" 4,5 years and Isabel
  • "BAMBAM"  3,5 Year old Panther Anole and Eric
  • "Blue" 11 year old green Iguana and Jenny
  • french Bulldog "Brutus" 15 month and his owners
  • some strange animal in a bear costume an Julia ;)
  • English bulldog "Lady" 5 Years and Maik
  • frensh bulldog " Stiff" and Ale
  • Puggle "MIA" 1,5 years an Mignon
  • Staffordshire-Bulldog Mix 7years And his owners
  • Parson Russel Terrier "Mr. Miyagi" and Anna
  • Esko MIX 2,5 years and Ben
  • "Lucky" 1 year old mix and Claudia
  • Chihuahua "Armani" 4 years and Kim

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