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  • In the light of the 65th Anniversary of the end of war, I felt that then was a timely moment to create a documental historical record of people across the world who were once united under the banner of the World War Two. The record that will endure the memory of those great individuals who fought 65 years ago for my generation and many generations to come.

    The project has gained a lot of interest and has been widely exhibited in some prestigious galleries around the country, such as the Association of Photographers Gallery, Saatchi Gallery, HOST Gallery, Richard Kalman Gallery etc.

    ‘These photographs of surviving World War II heroes are masterfully crafted testaments to their subjects.’ 

    Mark Jenkinson

    ‘His subtle use of lighting and composition imbue his images with a strange familiarity, and at the same time a sensation of distance and nostalgia.’

    Rodrigo Orrantia 

    ‘The dignity, courage and pride of the World War II veterans, has been so wonderfully preserved by Konstantin and his camera’ 

    Pro Photo Magazine

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