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Viktor Polson

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Viktor Polson specializes in high standard still life photography. His unique vision has earned him the trust of many international clients such as Chanel, Nestlé, Unilever, Banana Republic, Philip Morris, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and more. Although based in Paris, Viktor enjoys shooting on location and routinely works in Milan, New-York, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. Here is an exclusive interview with Viktor. Who do you admire from your profession, past or present, and why? Obviously, the first photographer that comes to mind is Mr. Irving Penn, photographer who brought a modern vision to photography photography whether for still life photographs or pictures involving people. To this day, his approach is still completely relevant and will be for a very long time. He is a great model for the entire profession. What's missing from your career that you could instead of to make it complete? I'm trying to complete my advertising career with an artistic research on still lifes and it takes me a lot of energy. My first subject "Illusions" and its exhibit are behind me and I am now pursuing a second subject which is much broader and has more complex colors that will use advanced digital technology. See you in a year for a second show. Would you have any advice to photographers just starting out? Yes, the transmission of our knowledge is very important. A young photographer should be trained, he must do internships, assistantships, get experience, cultures ... Today a young photographer must be complete: pictures, lighting, post production, 3D, artistic direction but above all he must learn to observe, analyze and understand photographs that are important in the world of art and advertising and must create new images. When did you take your first photograph? I made my first photograph of a still life in my garage at the age of twelve, and more than thirty years later I still have the same passion and plan on continuing for a long time. What are you passionate about, gets your blood pumping, gives you joy? I had the opportunity to be involved in great advertising campaigns which inspired me greatly and allowed me to meet great advertising professionals. If a project excites me, I am on for a new adventure…
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