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Professional Bull Riders

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Welcome to the toughest 8 seconds in sports. Buckle up.
  • The Other PBR
    Professional Bullriders, Inc. (PBR) holds over 300 events each year in North America, South America, Canada, and Australia. Last year they awarded over $10,000,000 in prize money. And yet most folks think PBR stands for cheap beer.
    They told us they wanted to become a top-tier sport. We told them to start acting like one. Keep things simple. Less selling, more telling. Focus on stories about the riders, the bulls, the fans, and the moments that make PBR the toughest 8 seconds in sports.
    In three months, we created a comprehensive campaign around the themeline, "Buckle up" and hired Andy Mahr to take some pictures that made words irrelevent. 
    Agency: Mike & Greg
    Creative Director: Mike Coffin
    Producer: Greg Lane
    Strategy: Alicia Smith
    Designer: Jeff Joiner
    Photographer: Andy Mahr

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