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  • "The day by day" is about life-long or for one day professions. This set isn't finished. I'm constantly in search for important professions.

    Now you can see people from Moscow and Kyoto, so dissimilar, but equally in love with their own "day by day". 

  • Bbq cook, Moscow.

  • Seller of funny sweets, Kyoto. 

  • Sellers, Kyoto. 

  • Receptionist, Kyoto. 

  • Cheerful cook, Kyoto. 

  • Builder, Moscow. 

  • Shy cook, Kyoto. 

  • Flowers seller, Moscow. 

  • Farmer, Moscow. 

  • Wedding photographer, Moscow. 

  • Elderly seller, Kyoto. 
  • Gardener, Moscow

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