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"The Face, The Heart I"

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Portraits from around the world.
  • "The face, the heart" (In ixtli, in yollotl)

    Exhibition at "Museo Regional de la Laguna" (Regional Museum of la Laguna) in Torreon, Mexico in 2011 & "Ex Convento del Carmen" (Carmen Ex Convent) in Guadalajara, México in 2012.

    Series constituted by 22 piezographies, varibles sizes between 110x74 cms. and 51x41 cms.

    Limited edition prints available for sale.

  • Identifying in the otherness is an exercise recently found in Occident. Rafael Blando’s work operates as a permanent and unfinished register of the different social, economic and cultural versions that have been adopted by the actual human being around the world.

    These images have been mainly elaborated in big urbanities and touristic places, proposing to see farther away from the masks and the costumes of the subjects.Such in those cities and touristic places, it tends in one place, to exoticise the endemic and on the other hand, to homogenize the recreation with the intention to seduce the traveler. This practice, highly rooted, designs specific roles for the locals and the traveler thus making difficult a sincere and real interaction between the individuals; creating random and apathetic encounters.

    Images shown here are and attempt to recover that honesty and substance defining the individual above the different socio-cultural veils; they are an open window that, if we allow, will take us to remember, question and recognize, in the shapes of the others, who we are by looking sincerely deep in the photographs.

    Alfrezo Esparza, April 2011.

  • (MDF01) Aztec
    Mexico City, Mexico
    March 2009
  • (MDF03) Nezahualcoyotl
    Mexico City, Mexico
    February 2009
  • (TAJ03) Two Papantla flyers
    El Tajin, Mexico
    February 2009
  • (TUL02) Ehecatl
    Tula, Mexico
    November 2009
  • (MDF02) Roses and thorns
    Mexico City, Mexico
    February 2009
  • (VER01) Untitled
    Veracruz, Mexico
    August 2009
  • “A heart as strong as the stone,
    Resistant as the trunk of a tree;
     A wise face.
     Be the owner of a face and a heart.”
    (Mexican verses)

  • (NYC01) Woman Sikh of America
    New York, U.S.A.
    April 2008
  • (MNH01) District Chief
    Manchester, U.S.A.
    June 2008
  • (CUR02) Le Funk II
    Willemstad, Curacao, Netherland Antilles
    December 2008
  • (MBY01) Rastaman (Richard)
    Montego Bay, Jamaica
    October 2010
  • (TRC01) Esperanza (Hope)
    Torreon, Mexico
    July 2009
  • (SJU03) The old Don Juan
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    March 2010
  • (SCC05) A sunday morning in San Cristobal
    San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico
    November 2009
  • (TRC03) I'm so cute I must be Irish
    Torreon, Mexico
    March 2007
  • "Even jade breaks,
    even gold cracks,
    even quetzal (bird) plumage tears...
    ¡We shall not live in this Earth forever:
    just a brief moment here shall we last!"
    (Mexican verses)
  • (MAD02) Saharahui I
    Madrid, Spain
    November 2006
  • (VEN10) Besame muchoVenice, ItalyDecember 2006
  • (ROM01) Naturaleza muerta (still life)Rome, ItalyDecember 2006
  • (LON06) They hung her bloody head in that towerLondon, EnglandAugust 2006
  • (LON07) The catwoman of Portobello
    London, England
    August 2006
  • (ITZ02) Polish gipsy
    Itzehoe, Germany
    September 2006
  • (BER12) The muse of liberty
    Berlin, Germany
    October 2006
  • (BER13) The muse of joy
    Berlin, Germany
    October 2006
  • © Rafael Blando Torres

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