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The Big Bang Experiments at CERN: ALICE, 2012 update.

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the 2012 photo shooting of the ALICE experiment at CERN.
  • The Big Bang Experiments at CERN: ALICE, 2012 update.
  • Since 2005 I have been shooting the progress of one of the 4 main LHC "Big Bang" experiments at CERN. The result is my coffee table book "one millionth of a second after the big bang" issued in 2009.
    This January 2012 I have been called to shoot an update of the state of the art.  Here you can see some shots of the ALICE cavern fully equipped, few shots fro the inside of the magnet, and a couple shot of the LHC tunnel (27 km long).
    These are the photographs, thanks to Nikon Italia for their help providing the best gear.
    You can check my interview about this work at this link

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