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creative concept and photography: Bence Bakonyi
    How much is our environment forming our personality? How much can you prescind from its medium examining the individual? The photographs of Transform can be considered to be a straightforward commitment besides the inseparability of the individual and the environment. The impersonalized forms of the pictures are almost assimilating and fading into their backgrounds. These works are demonstrating this as an intentional conformism and not as an unconscious progress because only the external marks of the forms shaped consciously, i.e clothes are fading into the homogenous environment. The pieces of the series are describing the ability of people to fit in; they are demonstrating the phenomenon, by which the individual can identify himself/herself with the physical or mental medium. It takes and puts on the features of its environment, as a consequence of this it becomes a part of it.
    Frank Márta Éva
    2013, Transform no.1-3.
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