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Swimming pools in the world

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Swimming pools in the world
  • ”Swimming pools in the world”

    Swimming pools from Benin, Liberia, Iraq, Kenya, 
    Uganda, Burkina Faso, Jordania, Malawi and more.

    Each pool has its own story.

    At one, the hoped-for tourists never came. 
    At another, the tables are turned upside-down because the owner is Charles Taylor’s brother. One pool has just been restored after a war, while the other hasn’t been maintained since the president who owned it was murdered 30 years ago.

    Over the next 30 years, this series will continue to grow.

  • Erbil, Iraq
  • Mombasa, Kenya
  • Weotenga, Burkina Faso
  • Monte Gordo, Portugal
  • Baghdad, Iraq
  • Madaba, Jordania
  • Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
  •  Cotonou, Benin
  • Gbonga, Liberia
  • Kampala, Uganda
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Near Monrovia, Liberia

  • This series has won the 3th prize at the Dutch Zilveren Camera

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