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Super Colour!!

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I have never really enjoyed natural light (although it can be used really nicely, and I do use it sometimes) but have always enjoyed lighting the heck out of my images so they are sureal in the sense that you simply cannot see this kind of thing with your natural eye. It's always fun on shoot, when the day is grey and grim and the location seems like nothing special, and you show the client the camera screen after your first test shot and their response is one of amazement and shock! On shoot we create that which didn't exsit and the more we add to the image the more challenging it is and the better the satisfaction.
  • Super Colour!!

  • This is definitely my favourite on-going project that I'm involved in. I call it Super Colour and it's about colour (obviously), light, motion and emotion. So far I've shot two personal sessions and two commercial sessions that all fall under the title 'Super Colour!' This section of my site will certainly grow...

    You can see some behind the scenes shots on my blog HERE
    I would love to hear your comments.

    *New images added*

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