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Sportraits + Portraits: Part III

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Another addition to on my ongoing series of Sports Portrait Photography. This installment includes a couple different styles that I've been experimenting with lately. I've established myself in the surreal looking Sportraits but I'm also looking to continue working in sports but go with something more natural. Please feel free to look through my most recent work. Approximately January 2011 to April 2011.
  • Sportraits + Portraits
    Part III
  • Continuing with my typical genre, I've tried to branch out from just shooting just dramatic athletic portraits to shooting Sports Lifestyle and Sports Competition. However, even though I'm branching out to different types of photography, I still continue to introduce some sort of drama to my images.

    I worked with a bunch of different subjects over the past months who used the images in a bunch of different ways. Some were used to update a clients website imagery. Some were used as test images for potential clients. Some were taken during a Nike Tennis exhibition and others just to build my portfolio. 

    I hope you enjoy the new imagery. There will be more to come once the rain stops up here and I can get out and do more location shoots. 
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