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  • SEE33 
     An exhibition of  portrait work covering my 23 year career to date.
  • SEE33 was an exhibition of my portraits that took place at Mr Thomas's Chop House in Manchester over the Summer of 2011. My brand identity incorporates the 4 words, See, Imagine, Capture, Create which describes how I approach my work. I decided to take the first of those words as the title for the exhibition and add the number of images that were to be displayed. Some of the images were commissioned but the majority are my personal work. The exhibition project was awarded "Best promotion of a Photographer" in the recent SUN Awards.
      Simon Rimmer, Resident Chef on BBC TV's "Something for the Weekend". March 2011

  •   Mik Artistik, The legendary Leeds paper bag artist. 2005

  •   Denise Welch, Actress, Commissioned Image.2006

  •   Niaz Mohammed, Trustee of The Islamic Academy in Manchester. June 2010

  •   "Oscar", Commissioned Advertising Image for The NHS Immunisation Campaign. 2008

      Selected for The Association of Photographers Awards 2010

  •   Lisa Westwell, Stylist, Queen St Mill, Burnley. April 2011

  •   Peter Masters, Queen St Mill, Burnley. April 2011

      Selected for The SUN Awards 2011 and awarded "Best Image Winner"

  •   Alexander Heggie, D Day Veteran. Commissioned by The Royal British Legion. March 2004
      Gary Massey. Christmas 2000

  •   Two Japanese Punks.Commissioned Advertising Image. 2007

  •   Unknown Old Man, Birkenhead. May 2010

  •   Sailor. 1992

      Selected for the Association of Photographers 12th Awards, Judges Choice

  •   Kitsch, 1996

  •   The Swimmer. 1990

      Selected for The Association of Photographers 9th Awards, Special Mention
      Jayne with Kilt. 2001

  •   Janine in Black. September 2009

  •   Charlie Brogan. September 2009

  •   Alan at New Brighton. May 2010

  •   Geordie Brian. April 2011

  •   Jenufa. Commissioned Advertising Image. 2002
      Claire. June 2009.

      Selected for The Association of Photographers Awards 2010 & The SUN Awards 2009 " Best Image"

  •   Target. 2002

  •   Pete Postlethwaite, Actor, 7th February 1946 - 2 January 2011. 2006 

  •   Vic, Garage Mechanic. February 2010

  •   Baby, Commissioned Advertising Image. 1995
      Dustbin Dalek Boy, Commissioned Advertisng Image. 1995

  •   Action Man Boy, Commissioned Advertising Image. 1995

  •   Tess with Celosia. 2010

  •   Don't be a Dummy, Commissioned Advertising Image. 2003

  •   Love See No Colour, Commissioned Image for "The Farm". 1991
      Selected for The Association of Photographers 9th Awards 

  •   Trawlerman, Commissioned Advertising Image. 1998

      Selected for The Association of Photographers 16th Awards

  •   Steve at "The Number 2 Bike Company" Liverpool . March 2011

  •   Maxine Peake, Actress, Selected for The National Portrait Gallery London. April 2011

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