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This Photographic and film project forms part of my ongoing personal body of work, focusing on ordinary Australians. The "Riverside" film and photographic images were exhibited as part of the launch of the Pool collective (welcometothepool). The works were displayed inside a shipping container on Sydney Harbour in November 2011.
  • Riverside
  • On the banks of the Gloucestor River, Australia, sits a caravan park.  For a couple of weeks I became part of life there.  The locals are a mix of residents and regular visitors.  A world heritage listed national park is the view from the caravan window.  There is surely something about the wild beauty that connects with the soul and gives perspective.   


    The glow of campfire stirs ancient intrigue.
    Embers swirl and rise to join the star-filled sky
    And fade and fall like aging memories.
    Through the smoky aftermath, the sun permeates;
    light reveals a riverside Eden.
    Day after day it's the same.
    And the people that fill this place are charmed by its timeless ease.

    Complicit river fords protect its entry,
    Keeping revelers at arm's length
    Beyond awaits winter's melting calm.
    Here we camp, riverside, unburdened.

    Christopher Ireland 
  • Bob (copyright Christopher Ireland 2011)
  • Flag (copyright Christopher Ireland 2011) 
  • Cagne (copyright Christopher Ireland 2011)
  • Big Will (copyright Christopher Ireland 2011)
  • Salt and pepper (copyright Christopher Ireland 2011)
  • Goose (copyright Christopher Ireland 2011)
  • Cagne's hat (copyright Christopher Ireland 2011)
  • Dan (copyright Christopher Ireland 2011)
  • Goose detail (copyright Christopher Ireland 2011)
  • Trevor (copyright Christopher Ireland 2011)
  • Caretaker (copyright Christopher Ireland 2011)
  • Caravan study 1 (copyright Christopher Ireland 2011)
  • Riverside (Copyright Christopher Ireland 2011) * use headphones for optimum effect

    This short film was shot in the Barrington Tops, Australia. Deep into the World Heritage listed national park and surrounded by the banks of the stunning Gloucestor river, a caravan park exists. It's inhabitants describe the magic of a place that seems to transcend the incidentals of life in the world outside.

    It was designed to accompany a photographic print series of the same name, and was exhibited at Sydney Harbour inside a shipping container, along with the 4 other artists from the pool collective to launch "Blow Up", in November 2011. In the exhibition, the fire burned on continuous loops and was linked by the short film which played periodically. The film provided a sense of place and the accompanying photographs studied the people who stay here.

    Director and DOP- Christopher Ireland
    Editor- Leslie Sharpe
    Soundtrack- Ivan Vizintin

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