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  • Resonances
    Intuitions beyond Subject
    Like an organ pipe that amplifies tones of a particular pitch ... Like a radio tuned to receive one frequency and suppress all others ... Like the effect of a well-told story recalling a shared experience ... Like the way a familiar tune stands out amid a cacophony of sounds ... Like a familiar smell transporting you to a different time and place ... Like recognizing the face of a long lost friend now grown old ...Like the printed word conjuring an image ... Like seeing a familiar face you’ve never seen ... Like European cuckoos born to a strange nest but flying thousands of miles on their own to ancestral wintering grounds in Africa ... Like monarch butterflies taking several generations to migrate from Mexico to Canada ...

    Memories and behaviors trapped in molecules.
  • Resonances
  • Blinding Loss
  • Intimations
  • Emergence
  • Dialectic
  • Untitled (Sago Palm)
  • Untitled (Kiva) 
  • Untitled (Jones Run Falls)
  • Thanatopsis
  • Untitled (Grotto)
  • Untitled (Mandrake)
  • Untitled (Turbulence)
  • Untitled (Chaos)
  • Visitor from Within
  • Epiphany
  • Darkness Creeping
  • Afterlife
  • Untitled (Whirlpool)
  • Untitled (Refuge)

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