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Project MOJU

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Project MOJU started in March 2012 in Taipei after a year of preparation and conceptualizing. Two artists who became friends in New York in 2005 –Elias Wessel (New York) and Pinn Su (Taipei)– got together in Taiwan to work on this project. They also invited upcoming fashion designer William Zhang to create the clothing for the photography. Along with a team of 50 people and sponsorship, they stayed in the atelier everyday for about 3 months. The final outcome of this projects is photography, mixing with visual art, installation art, graffiti and fashion. The concept of this project revolves around character MOJU, merging the different believes and perspectives towards Life from the 3 artists and presenting the viewer a whole new world that never existed before. The hypothesis is very new age. "The physical world we are living in, is actually build up by everything we believe". Even we are living on the same earth: what we subjectively believe is different. We FEEL LIKE living in the different world. There is an old saying: "Seeing is Believing", but Project MOJU thinks it is more like "Believing is Seeing". In the first half they've shot the Golden Bell Awards winners River Huang and Teresa Daley and a preview has been exhibited at Photo Taipei 2012. The project goes on to New York in 2013 for the second part.
  • The world that we exist in is actually comprised of various things that we believe in. Therefore, in an objective world, because of individual people’s different beliefs, different people would perceive the material world differently. Contrary to the saying “Seeing is believing”, Project MOJU is based on the notion that “Believing is seeing”. By placing belief before existence, faith thus forms the state of existence. This is why each of us experiences the world differently based on our individual beliefs.
    Pinn Su and Elias Wessel have co-created Project MOJU, and through a dream-like virtual realm, the ambiguity of human’s real and fictional existences is depicted.
  • _____________________________________________________________________________________
    Creative Direction: Elias Wessel, Pinn Su
    Photography: Elias Wessel -
    Visual Artist: Pinn Su -

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