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Portraits d'Archives by Zaolane

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ZAOLANE is a unusual collective that gathers three artists of strong vision but complementary skills: a Photographer, an CG Artist, and a Digital Retoucher. This is the story of 3 female artists who studied together Photography and Post Production at Gobelins, l’Ecole de l’Image in Paris. After graduated, they first started their own professionnal career but decided to keep cultivate their Art together by creating the ZAOLANE in 2010. Our ways and means are very personnal. Our goal is to always push the pictures itself visually as far as possible but without losing perspective thus relying on humor and irony to give a it a meaning. The combination of our 3 personnalities and the union of our skills allow us to find an artistic intersection which result in something greater than the sum of our singularities. From the concept, the look and the final execution, we are making every steps together.
  • Portraits d'Archives
    by ZAOLANE
  • For this project, Zaolane takes a critical and amusing look at the society of our century.
    «Portraits d’Archives» is a gallery of Portraits  inspired by the flemish paintings of the 17th Century, in which the painters hid subtil details to pass on their opinions and thoughts.
    And so «Portraits d’Archives» depicts some parts of our contemporary History, our ways of life and actual preocupations. It reflects our human condition and stages the Establishment with a touch of irony!
    Each of us will read into these portraits with his own sensibility and history, and decide for itself how our pictures echoes in them.
    Following the reference of the 17th Century, our pictures are intended for a printing format of 75x100 cm.
  • Pump It Up
  • Amen
  • Get Out
  • Double or Nothing
  • Go West Young Boy
  • Rent a Guy
  • What the Fuck?
  • Forget About It
  • Il(legal)
  • King Kid
  • Tomorrow Never Dies
  • Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful?

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