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This a one day photostory on the life of Pole Dancers based in London. These girls come from varied backgrounds and cultures. Some are trained dancers, others are faiiled ballerinas, some are students, some are running away from their pasts, some are mothers all are just trying to earn a living.
  • Pole Dancer a photo essay showing the day to day lives of a group of exotic dancers from around the world who, have made London and its adult sex industry their home and workplace. Its a misconception that all the girls that work in this industry are on the game and are nothing more than hookers that dance.

    Many are professional dancers some, are even ballerinas who cant get a full time job in their profession or have come to the end of their professional dance career but still need that exhilaration they get when they dance in front of an audience. Whilst, others are putting themselves through college or sending their kids to private schools with the money they earn.

    They are the ones in control, the ones that have the power and they know it. These are not usually weak women. They are strong-minded individuals who are comfortable in their skin which, is more than can be said for a lot of us.

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