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My artistic vision is intended as a reflection on how environments shape the relationship between people and vice versa, how these relationships change meanings to environments. The medium is photography, by a strong documentary style personal weight, I think conceptual images that are seeking to turn the reality we live in personal reflection. Aesthetics is a personal thing that marks the style of a photographer and that depends directly on the idea behind the project. For me, it instinctively develops a direct action in the space to formulate a clear and forceful message.
  • Nocturnos

  • La serie “Nocturnos” quiereacercarse a los paisajes interiores de la mente, en concreto, aquellos dondehabitan los recuerdos. Intenta reflejar como el yo presente moldea los momentospasados alterándolos de una forma inconsciente.
    El arte de dejar que las imágenessucedan por sí solas, la acción a través de la no acción, renunciar a uno mismopara que el subconsciente se convierta en protagonista.

    The series "Nocturne" means to approach the interior landscapes of mind,  specifically those are dweling by the memories. I try to reflect how the present shapes the last moments of unconsciously altering them.

    The art of letting that happen on their own images, action through inaction, resignoneself to the subconscious becomes the protagonist.

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