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Nocturnal Arboreal

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An ongoing body of work that stems from my obsession with creative lighting and nocturnal photography, featuring examples of trees found in the British countryside.
  • Nocturnal Arboreal
    night portraits of british trees
  • “I must admit I was never really that interested in photographing trees, that is until one night I

    illuminated one, then everything changed…..”


    I began seeking out interesting trees that I could photograph and found myself drawn to

    man-made environments of parklands and country estates. In these controlled areas where

    trees were often planted for their aesthetic or pictorial qualities, a combination of artificial and natural light was used to portray the tree in a similarly controlled manner.


    These trees, the ancestors of those we now see alongside motorways or protruding from the

    meagre openings in the surface of a car park, have been altered by the process of lighting & photography. They are the real yet slightly unnatural features placed in an environment shaped and controlled by man, which due to the passage of time, we now perceive as being a totally

    natural landscape. 

  • All images shown are copyright property of Jean-Luc brouard. Personal use or posting to blogs is fine but please do contact me if your use is other than those listed.

    Limited edition prints are available from or from myself

    thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed

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