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Never ask why, Never explain what.

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Exit to my existence is from where I enter.
  • Never ask why, Never explain what. 
  • Time got married to a snail;
    Everything's moving too slow
    that's why.
    Too much of woes burying my flesh alive
    under six feet
     only bones remain
     Just too much of spare time
    to gaze and gaze
    at nothingness of emptiness.
    Never ask why, Never explain what.
  • I have been addicted to what you call insanity, is my sanity. 

  • Through this veil of black, I know what white is. 
    I know what light is. 
  • I thought if love was an answer, it wasn't.
    Still had tangles and tangles of black and blue. 
    Later I realized an answer to loneliness is to enjoy it. 

  • Lost into the sea of thoughts.
  • My worms are eating me.
    Do you bleed too?

  • Exit to my existence is from where I enter. 

  • Put that mask off
    before I snatch it and
    show you, your real face.
    I am the mirror
    where you see your mistakes.
    I am your bitter tongue.

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