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Nepal an Intimate look

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This book is a selection of Christopher Villano's photographs and journal entries from his travels to Nepal in 2009. Its a collection of revealing portraits, poignant life moments and written notes which disclose the story a journey and a timeless perspective of a culture and its people. Built from a 30 day journey where Villano traveled through Nepal's cities and rural country in search this narrative.
  • A preview of my book: 
     Nepal, An intimate look 
  • It is a land of geographical extremes, where breathtaking elevations
    share landscapes with the abundant rivers sliding down from the
    Himalayas. I was here for 30 days in the fall of 2010, searching,
    trekking and exploring the land as much as one photographer can,
    all while trying to avoid the hordes of tourists and those ever lovable
    cliché tourist opportunities.
    On the morning of Oct 1st , I was standing atop Poon Hill, engulfed
    by nearly 100 people who were busy invading my usable space. Out
    of this frustration, I pointed to a distant ridgeline where I noticed a
    structure deep in the landscape. I knew right then that this is where I
    needed to be. I turned to my guide and said, "Luxman, we have to
    get to that building." He looked at me with an unsatisfied glare and
    said, "Chris, I have no clue how we get there.”
    After discussing my plan with some locals, and with the added
    assistance of one still hung over from his previous night’s endeavors,
    we ventured out towards this distance destination. Some suggested
    we were trekking to what was to be an unfinished tea house or
    possibly a family’s yak farm, it did not matter. I was certain I stood a
    better chance of capturing the images that I sought once we
    arrived. After fifteen hours and closer to 13,000 above sea  level, we
    An Intimate look at Nepal
    arrived at the half-finished tea house. Just in time for dinner and for
    me to teach the Sherpa, Luxman, and our hung over volunteer how
    to cook scramble eggs and fried potatoes.
    When you first arrive in Kathmandu you are instantly bombard by its
    frenetic energy. Driving across dusty, untamed roads, you are just as
    likely to run across a monkey as easily as a family of four speeding
    passed on

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