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Natural Beauty

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On going project... Each piece is a limited edition of 5.
  • Natural Beauty
    "What you see, is what you imagine"
  • Each piece depicts a unique and basic, yet distinctive item of nature which in itself is an art form. These are natural photographs, in the sense that the subjects are located in the nature and only laid down for photography.

    The pieces possess an inherent aesthetical beauty and while they depict in a simple manner what you see, the meaning is for you to think about what you see and not only look at the photography. ”What you see is what you imagine”

    The Natural Beauty series aims at emphasizing our fascination with what we imagine ourselves.

    All the pieces are mounted on a 6 mm thick glass plate with no frame, which highlights every detail and creates a distinctive contrast in the image.
  • Stingray egg / 5000 DKK
  • Pine cone / $5000.00
  • Bean sprouts / $5000.00
  • Meat eating plant / 5000 DKK
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