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Mercedes Benz USA

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Two-day lifestyle shoot for Mercedes Benz USA
  • These are a few highlight images from the eighty photos produced for our lifestyle shoot with Mercedes Benz USA’s accessories collection. Months of preproduction finally came together one dewy, 4:00 AM call time in historic Forest Park in St. Louis. After a very fast-paced day of eighteen shots across three park locations, the crew was at it again early the next morning at the Four Seasons Hotel (this is a very loose use of the term “morning,” as 2 AM better qualifies as the middle of the night, if you ask me.) Eight shots in the hotel suite, eight more on the terrace, and the crew was ready for a 7AM lunch (?!) and to head downtown to finish up with the last twelve shots. And BAM! That’s a wrap! (Now everyone can take a deep breath and go to sleep for a week.) The successful shoot was followed by a few more months of postproduction. Everyone was happy to see the fruits of their labor go live on the Mercedes Benz website late last Autumn.
  • Credits:
    Anne Dean - Producer
    Brittany Accardi - Production Assistant
    Maggie Dean  -Production Assistant
    Paul Nordmann - Digital Tech
    Tim Humphreys - Camera Assistant
    Jim McAfee - Camera Assistant
    Ian Wasserman - Camera Assistant
    Derek Feldman - Assistant
    Lauren Hays - Assistant
    Becky McFarland - Props Stylist
    Jill Manoff - Wardrobe Stylist
    Valerie Brown - Hair Stylist
    Emily Miller - Make-up Artist

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