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Isolated spaces

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Color photography 36.5 x 27.5 cm. 14.37 x 10.82 inch. 2010
  • Photography
    Isolated Spaces
    Isolated spaces with isolating tape 
    Color Photography

  • Isolated Spaces
    arises to find a slightly quirky view of life, a reality that could walk between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional look at life through an illustration.
    It's about creating an optical effect, outlining objects with black electrical tape of different thicknesses, as if they were part of a pattern where there is no depth of field.

    Space is displayed in a different way, through the lines of its contours creates a game of lines and colors that were indifferent. Isolated Spaces is a link between the black edges and the isolation of the object itself, each is the idea of ​​a specific space, eigenspaces, random and isolated, and if it can be said ...anonymous.
    This proposal is the record of 7 small installations on my flat, in my room and related sites, were I thought to recreate those spaces that go unnoticed by the routine itself.
    Sitting just in front of them, in a predetermined point of view, makes a sense of bidimensionality and making them definitely unique installation.

    A great incentive for this work, is that from an idea that could be considered now made ​​from technology (software), is the total lack of use of these programs to create that particular dimension, returning to illustration through space rudiments.

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