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History Painting and Altars - Competitive Scholarship

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This is work I began and have continued making in 2012.
  • Competitive Scholarship Portfolio
  • History Painting
    With the introduction of technological manipulation to the photograph, the idea that the photo is truth weakens. These tools allow for the ability to create enviroments that exist beyond reality. With my piece, I explore this new language of the photograph along with personal notions of sexuality and identity. Set out to construct my own reality, I have intertwined both the believable and unbelievable in a space that allows for the viewer to exist within it.
    History Painting - 2012, Digital Photograph, 20x94"
  • Altars
    Altars are created through the act of visitation at an individuals home, where I then make and photograph my constructions. These constructions are created entirely without the input of the indivual, by my decisions only.
  • Ben's Bedroom - 2012, 11x17"
  • Eddie's Dining Room - 2012, 11x17"
  • Melissa's Living Room - 2012, 11x17"
  • Regina's Living Room - 2012, 11x17"
  • Malcolm's Dining Room - 2012, 11x17"

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