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Glass Houses (Second Set)

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Glass Houses is a series of conceptual self portraits utilizing distortion mirrors to deconstruct the images in-camera.
  • Glass Houses
    Distortion Mirror Photographs (Second Set)
  • Glass houses is a series of conceptual self portraits created using distortion mirrors. This is the second set of the series. These portraits explore the fragmentation of the self, or the hidden self which is often underlaid beneath a facade. These fragmentations are the subconscious or conscious fears and desires which cannot be seen through facial expressions or gestures. I chose to portray these feelings through the complete deconstruction and distortion of the physical form.

    For the second half of this series, I wanted to explore the painterly quality possibilities of the distortion. In the image 'Painted Lady', for example, I created the look of a painted texture by using fingerprints on the glass. I also wanted to push the boundaries of how completely the figure could be distorted, such as in 'Equine', where the face has become completely defragmented.

    These new experiments are inspiration for future projects using similar techniques.

  • I Thought I Heard You
  • Painted Lady
  • Trinkets
  • Faith
  • Sunday
  • Listen

  • Hear No Evil

  • Equine

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