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Financial Times : Women at the Top

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Commission by the Financial Times to provide branding and design identity in addition to the overall art direction and photography. Women at the Top - 50 leading international businesswomen and CEO's, was for the 2nd year in a row entrusted to OneRedEye photographer and creative director Ed Robinson.

  • Women at the Top is a celebration of outstanding female leadership and each year the Financial Times presents an annual ranking of the top 50 women in world business.

    "Women at the Top: the Financial Times' flagship analysis of female business leadership - is about celebration & aspiration. Growing numbers of women are now rising to the executive board of companies around the world. Given the obstacles many have overcome to reach key positions & the difference they are already making to the way in which the business world works, their success along is cause for celebration. At the same time their prominence fuels the aspirations of millions of women & girls who see themselves as future leaders. By highlighting female executives' work, we hope to encourage other ambitious women to meet the challenges that many of them still need to overcome to reach the summit of their professions." - The Financial Times Women at the Top issue, November 17 2010.

    Below are a selection of portraits (which were matched with online interactive media) of some of the world’s most fêted female executives, exclusively photographed by our award-winning photographer, Ed Robinson.

  • Olivia Lum - Hyflux
  • Nahed Taher - Gulf One Investment Bank 
  • Guler Sabanci - Sabanci Holding
  • Chanda Kochhar - Icici Bank
  • Annika Falkengren - SEB
  • Gail Kelly - Westpac
  • Emma Marcegaglia - Marcegaglia
  • Monika Ribar - Panalpina
  • Nancy McKinstry - Wolters Kluwer
  • Chua Sock Koong - Singapore Telecommunications
  • Ruby McGregor-Smith - MITIE Group 
  • Yoshiko Shinohara - Temp Holdings

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