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Don't Blink, It's "Street Life"......

Last Edited:
All street work done with a Leica M-4P and a Minolta CLE, with a 40mm summicron and a Rollie 6X6 2,8 Planar, Film; Ilford XP-1 or Kodak Tri-X
  • May I Help You?.... Greenwich Village, NYC
  • "All Lined Up" Atlantic City Board Walk
  • 30 Second Break Between Lights, NYC...
  • On The Rocks, Coney Island, NY
  • Dogs Best Friend, Greenwich Village, NYC
  • Halloween In The Big Apple.
  • Mind Readers, Louvre, Paris, France
  • Peanuts Are How Much?....Wall Street NYC
  • ....But Officer It's Just A Soda...Washington Sq Park, NYC
  • Street Face, NYC.
  • Summer In The City, NYC,
  • Umbrella Repair Man, Milan, Italy
  • Waiting On Life And The Number 7, NYC
  • Hum, What shall I Have For Dinner?....Greenwich Village, NYC
  • So How Is Your Day Going?...Washington Square Park, NYC 
  • Money, Women, Life, He's Got A Problem? Paris, France
  • Bathers, Coney Island NY
  • Queen Of The Gay Pride Parade, Greenwich Village, NYC
  • Gay Pride Parade, Greenwich Village, NYC
  • Mayor Koch Get's Into The Act, Gay Pride Parade, Greenwich Village, NYC
  • Staten Island Ferry, NYC
  • "Luigi The Wise Guys", NYC
  • "Dirty Rotten Imbeciles" Washington  Square Park, NYC
  • "Day Dreams," NYC
  • All In The Family, Lake George, NY
  • "We Make Good Jewish Food Here, NYC
  • Labor Day, Paris  France
  • Am I Pretty?....NYC
  • Another One Bites The Dust....NYC
  • Take Me To Your Leader, Catskill, NY
  • Family Shoppers at Wallmart

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