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  •      Paweł’s photographic cycle focuses on the relation in between an idol and his fans/believers/audience. Despite thepresence of nowadays media, who are said to shorten the distance in between the sender and the receiver, it’s the spacein between them that brings an idol to life and becomes his inseparable attribute, states his position on the social ladderand keeps the masses in constant hunger that sharpens their appetite to be close to the “cult object”. Distance is thevocal attribute for anyone who wants to gather the attention of the public and their tool in the self creation process.Distance as a cycle does not focus on any actual idol, what’s more, it doesn’t even explore thee world of music alone.The detailed narration cane be created by the viewer himself.
    Kamil Antosiewicz
    This series is exhibited on "From Pharaoh to Lady Gaga" exhibition in National Museum of Poland in Warszawa.
    The tutor of this exhibition is Krzysztof Pomian, Director of the Museum of Europe in Brussels. Exhibition was curated by the team of curators directed by Antoni Ziemba and Grażyna Bastek.

    photography: Pawel Fabjanski
    project curator: Kamil Anotsiewicz
    stage design: Zuza Slominska
    hair&makeup: Weronika Piechota
    model: Kamil Przystal

    big thanks to:
    Dorota Boruń
    Studio Las & Makata Rental
    all who participated in creating the crowd photos

    The series was prepared in cooperation with Tauron New Music Festival, Katowice 2011.
  • Exhibition documentation:

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