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Dipo Ceremony, Krobo, Ghana

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Young girls from the Krobo tribal group wear traditional beads the dipo ceremony of the krobo girls in ghana, the transition from girls who become women, mothers and wives.

  • I photographed the dipo ceremony of the Krobo people.
    Africa many cultures celebrate the passage of a child towards adulthood. Among the hills Krobo of Ghana, young girls carry on an ancient tradition. Every year, girls undergo a transition to adulthood.
    In the beginning of the Dipo each woman Enters a house where they shed Their clothing representative of Their childhood and put on a new, mature set of clothing by Their ritual mother. Then, they shave Their Heads and wash in the river Which is meant to cleanse the body and spirit in preparation for womanhood.
    During this ceremony they dance to music to celebrate Their passage into wmoanhood, Represent and their Families by wearing handmade beads passed sown for generations, but most imnportantly to impress a suitor and the tribe's chief With Their new found grace and beauty.


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