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In connection with the problem of human dignity, I started to deal with the advertisement which is aimed at the private sphere of our lives. For the realization of this project I chose a special space where advertisements' sensual and visual effect is most apparent on the private life. In a big furniture store pre-built dreamflats attract a lot of people who can't afford furnishing similar spaces. The advertisement's concept is strong for many reasons. They appeal to the most important emotion of humans, the feeling at home. Besides it saves the visitor the trouble of thinking. This way we can buy complete spaces, flats, rooms which are pre-designed by the store. In practice they encourage us to purchase more. They provide us with the opportunity of buying a complete ready-made living spaces depriving us of having to form are own opinion and are own ideas. So seemingly with helpful intentions they are trying to influence our choice in a covert manner, essentially aiming to shape and uniformize our innermost private space. Still this atmosphere is attractive to some groups of people. During my observation the grotesque nature of these spaces was becoming clearer and clearer to me. It is pleasant to wander from room to room on the prescribed route, just like in a zoo. My pictures reflect on this absurd situation, the relationship between the characters and the space around them symbolize the grotesque nature of that location. By taking out a stagelike part of the space and by the positioning the character in it we get a vision of a dystopian world where people don’t need to think independently. In this dystopia people are virtual accessories in their living spaces, they are not the ones who form their environment, but they are formed by their environment.
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