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    Me? I cannot escape from the fact that I struggle with myself,
    how I own my body and my soul at the same time.
    It has always been a difficult question for me: do I know him? Who is he anyway?
     It's so alluring, sometimes as if the will of the body would want to swallow me,
     leaving my thoughts behind, but then comes the soul to pull me back.
     It's an eternal battle and a game. Like the gravitational pull of a black hole,
    when it touches you, something new is born, as if I'm not me anymore,
     somewhere else, in an unknown place.

    DIGNITY no. 1-8.
    190x150 cm
    PHASE ONE P65+



    Ludwig Museum, Hungary- Budapest 2012 - Dignity no. 2.
    Zebule Magazine, France - Paris 2013 March - Dinity no. 1-6.

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