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  • Californians
    People and places
  • Selection of images taken throughout the state. Some of these photograph are part of a travel book produced together with friend and photographer Enrico Caputo.
  • Misha Arias, surf shaper and surfer.  Photographed in Huntington Beach, California. 
  • MIsha, about to dip in. Huntington Beach.
  • Two guys waiting for their hot dog order, Venice Beach, California.
  • Man just outside of Wallgreens, he told us about when he was acting in western movies. Downtown L.A.
  • Hannes Fritsch, an austrian bodybuilder who now lives in Solvang, small Danish village on the Central Coast. 
  • Bill Robbins, my photography teacher. Photographed at his office in Santa Barbara.
  • Skater in downtown L.A. Really didn't care about skating in traffic.
  • Guy with wrecked car. His name is Crocky. Photographed on the side of the road in Santa Barbara.
  • Amoeba records parking lot. Hollywood, California.
  • Random skater at the Santa Barbara skate park, right by the main peer.
  • While walking to the Farmers Market. I met these two boys at the bus stop. Hollywood, California.
  • Surfer in Huntington Beach. This man was sad his son couldn't go in the water that day because of a small injury.
  • The UPS guy right before the delivery outside my house in Santa Barbara, California.

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