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Book : The Noir A-Z

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English photographer Julian Hibbard offers an abecedary unlike any other, pairing a word with a photograph for all twenty-six letters in the alphabet. Thought provoking, dark and playful, the resulting board book evokes a shadowy and sexy noir aesthetic.
  • The Noir A-Z

  • Published in September 2009, "The Noir A-Z" is an abecedary unlike any other - an A,B,C board book that pairs word and image with all twenty-six letters of the alphabet to describe and illustrate dominant terms of the noir universe. As the pages are turned, image and word come together in twenty-six graphic incidents the viewer must tell - a visual alphabet of stories the viewer discovers, invents, or suffers - as layers are peeled back and relationships discerned. As Nick Schonberger, from Wallpaper Magazine writes: “an element of risqué and danger consumes each letter, tying the images into a loose narrative. The images are sexy. They are also just complex enough to pull emotional strings through an easily read composition. In many of the images Hibbard manages to tie the reader to the scene as active participant and not simply observer. That, in part, is the art of "The Noir A-Z" and in full, the fun of the book."  - "I" might be for Innocence - but not in The Noir A-Z.
  • Page Count: 64 pages

    Size: 6 1/2 x 5 inches

    Format: Casebound board book

    Publication Date: September 2009

    Availibility: Sold Out

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