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Beauty, perfection and harmony. Concepts that sometimes go beyond the life and perpetuating even after death.
  •                                     Birds
  • Death has always aroused bitter feelings in humans. What escapes our control and which is independent of our will scare us, leaving us with a feeling of helplessness. Sure, no living entity as such can not escape the inevitable. But what penalizes us as rational beings, is being aware of it. Can the rationality of man find a remedy to this? It may be, in itself, cause and solution of a problem? The prospect of death reproduced in these pictures is the unfortunate fate in a candid and intimate. The elegance of these creatures, birds, scratched but it does not seem, in some cases almost emphasized. It seems impossible to sweeten a concept like cruel death. But, on balance, if such beauty can survive it, because then, regret so much?

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