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B&W Portraiture Retrospective

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A collection of portraits shot over 15 years, on a variety of cameras, using a mixture of film and digital and shown together for the very first time. James Bareham personal gallery.
  • Lord Attenborough, film director - Richmond, England
  • David Beckham, footballer & icon - Manchester, England
  • Carl Merritt, cage fighter - London, England
  • Daniel Day-Lewis, actor - London, England
  • Edgar Davids, footballer - Milan, Italy
  • Chris Difford, musician & the other bloke from Squeeze - London, England
  • 'Fatboy Slim', musician - Brighton, England
  • Jose Feliciano, musician - Los Angeles, California
  • Bryan Ferry, singer - London, England
  • Emilia Fox, actress - London, England
  • Lulu Guinness, fashion designer - Claridges, London, England
  • Lewis Hamilton, formula one racing driver - Valencia, Spain
  • Jibby Bean, model & muse - Clerkenwell, London, England
  • Jock, farmer - Grangemouth, Scotland
  • Katy Mae, band - SoHo, New York
  • Prince Edward, Duke of Kent - St James's Palace, London, England
  • Michiko Koshino, fashion designer - Soho, London, England
  • Marti Pellow, singer - Home House, London, England
  • Tim Rodgers, rehabstudio creative director - Detroit, Michigan
  • Richie, golfer & Spitfire pilot (retired) - St Andrews, Scotland
  • Spinal Tap, the loudest band in the world - Los Angeles, California
  • Anna Nichole Smith, model & actress - Los Angeles, California
  • Philippe Starck, designer - Notting Hill, London, England
  • Patrick Stewart, actor - Malvern, Worchestershire, England
  • Joshua Topolsky, journalist & editor of The Verge - New York
  • Wesley, boxer & fireman - Lambeth, London, England
  • The Cast of Sunset Boulevard - London, England
  • B&W Portraiture Retrospective

    James Bareham, the founding creative partner of The New Cruelty, recently re-directed his long neglected personal photographic web site over to Now that the personal site is no more, it seemed the perfect opportunity to post a single, retrospective gallery of James' editorial and advertising portraiture work taken during the past fifteen years - 1997 to 2012.

    To make this eclectic collection of portraits work together as one single body of work, James decided to grade all of the portraits in four color black & white using a single color tone for each. Though the grading is almost identical, the subjects are not; the gallery contains portraits of actors, directors, musicians, sportsmen, creative directors and fashion designers. Yet, there is also a farmer, a Spitfire pilot (retired) and a cage fighter amongst the portraits of Daniel Day-Lewis, Lord Attenborough, Emilia Fox, David Beckham, Patrick Stewart and Bryan Ferry.

    A wide variety of camera systems were used to shoot these images including Hassleblad 503, Rolleiflex 6008, Canon, Leica and Sinar 5x4 film cameras; Sinar 54MP, Canon EOS Mark II and 5D Mark II digital cameras. One of the most recent portraits in the collection was shot on the iPhone 4.

    As for the order, it seemed more logical to arrange the images alphabetically than chronologically. That way, there is no way of knowing when any particular picture was taken; nor can any importance be placed on who precedes whom.

    Though all of these images have been seen before in some form or another, they have never been presented as one coherent collection. We hope that it's a nice way to look at some of the older images in a new light.
    Clients: Various
    Photography: James Bareham

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