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For the past 6 months, I have been living and working in Kenya. I have been working on a large documentation project, which has allowed me to travel to every corner of the country. Here is a collection of my favorite images to date.
  • Awake
    Silent smoke shivers over last night's fire
    Rooster coughs up dawn
    Chop hens
    Tap tap crack eggs.
    Nostrils fill with morning mist
    sticky with yesterday's sweat
    Cloaks of dew bead on silent faces
    coating sleeping skin.

    Each brown dot of sand
    Each rough trunk
    Tickles dry palms
    Scratches scarred fingerprints
    Grain trickles over wrinkled skin
    Parched fields beg for green

    Air, Sky, Ground
    All that sight surrounds
    the whole Earth crackles to life
    rubbing crust from its dark sockets
    opening them to grey light.

    Thunderous hooves shake the grass awake
    All Africa rumbles underfoot
    Squawks overhead.
    Heat, humans, beasts,
    trees, water, sand-
    the land churns.

    As night turns away
    and light becomes day,
    a continent rises
    stands and stares at the Sun.
    ~ Miles Merrill

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