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Abandoned WW2 fortifications.

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A collection of images of abandoned WW2 German fortifications in The Netherlands, Belgium and France.
  • bunkers.
  • 134 Ammunition Bunker, Patentenstraat, Lissewege, Belgium. Part of the Eisenbahnbatterie.
  • 600 Gun Site for 5cm tank gun. In the background a 630 embrasured MG emplacement with armour plating, Wissant, Pas de Calais, France.
  • Type 688 Casemate for 17cm gun, Etaples, Pas de Calais, France. Constructed by 'Organization Todt'.
  • 612 Embrasured Emplacement for assault guns, Le Hourdel, Point de Hourdel, Somme, France.
  • Type 622 Personnel Bunker, Quiberville-Plage, Seine-Maritime, France.
  • German Bunker, Bergen Airfield, The Netherlands.
  • Submarine defense boom, Cramond Island, Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • Air raid shelter, Brasschaat airfield, Belgium.
  • Shooting range, Fort aan het Spoel, Culemborg, The Netherlands.
  • Dutch double pyramide bunker, Maarsen, The Netherlands.
  • Type V143 Mammut Radar Antenna, Waringzelle, Nord Pas De Calais, France.

  • Casemate Type 623, Koudekerke, The Netherlands.
  • Radio Transmitter Bunker, Spaandam, The Netherlands.
  • Type 669 Heenschemolen, The Netherlands.
  • R636 Fire Control Post,
  • SK Observation Tower, Fliegerhorst, Belgium.
  • Type 703, Emminkhuizen, The Netherlands.
  • Type 583a / M 178. Fire Control Post. Heerenduin, Ijmuiden, The Netherlands.
  • Dragon's Teeth Anti Tank Defence, Den Helder, The Netherlands.

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