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On The Edge

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This is a very emotional and intimate photographic series about my 91 year old grandfather, Johann who lived in Ahlen (Germany). In 2001, his beloved wife suddenly died just after cardiac surgery. Johann (who previously lived in classic, conservative, religious wedlock) now not only had to deal with his deep grief but all domestic chores as well. Now, in 2013, he proudly gives proof that 12 years after the death of his wife, many own diseases and hospitalizations, he does a great job accomplishing his duties. But still, the grief is deep-seated. After his sudden death on 03/17/2013 we had to sell the house and clear the rooms. I took the opportunity to shoot the three photos from the exact same perspective - cleared. With this photo series i tried to keep my beloved grandpa in memory as i knew him: honest, kind, willing to work, and the most important thing of all: humorous - even on his deathbed in hospital.

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