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Women / Mujeres

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Women move the world, no doubt about it. I've seen them in the five continents making sure the clock ticks, every single day. For centuries humans have lived the way man wanted and the result is a sick planet, plagued by war and lack of understanding among peoples and cultures. I celebrate the feminine drive. I bet the planet will be a better place if we trust and give women the chance to make our lives her way.
  • Salaron market, Ecuador.
    Mercado de Salarón (Ecuador)
  • An old woman with her grandson at the Grand Popo village, Benin.
    Una anciana con su nieto en la aldea de Grand Popo (Benin)
  • Sacred rites of the Ganges River, Varanasi, India.
    Los ritos sagrados del rio Ganges (Varanasi. India)
  • Inca sacred valley, Cusco, Peru.
    Valle Sagrado de los Incas (Cusco. Peru)
  • Himalayan kitchen, Nepal.
    Cocina en el Himalaya. Nepal
  • Taking care of the laundry at Varanasi's "ghats", India.
    Cuidando la colada en los "ghats" de Varanasi (India)
  • Rajasthan (India)
  • Vietnamese peasant.
    Campesina en Vietnam
  • Gathering water at Anantapur, India.
    Recogiendo el agua en Anantapur (India)
  • An old Jalapa woman, Guatemala.
    Una anciana en Jalapa (Guatemala)
  • Karen mother, Thailand.
    Una madre karem. Norte de Thailandia
  • Tea time at Timbuktu, Mali.
    Preparando el te. Tumbuctu (Malí)
  • Rajhastan (India)
  • Djenne market, Mali.
    Mercado de Djenne (Mali)
  • Djenne street market, Mali.
    Mercado callejero de Djenne (Mali)
  • Coming home, Mopti, Mali
    Regresando a casa. Mopti (Mali)
  • Grinding at Senegal.
    Moliendo el grano. Senegal.
  • Girl at home in Timbuktu, Mali.
    Una niña en su casa. Tumbuctu. (Mali)
  • Himalayan meal time, Nepal.
    La hora de la comida en el Himalaya. (Nepal)
  • Domestic scene at Bamako, Mali.
    Trabajos domesticos en Bamako (Mali)
  • Rajhastan (India)
  • Life at the Niger River, Mali.
    La vida en el rio Niger (Mali)
  • Drying the grains, Jomoson, Nepal.
    Secando el grano. Jomoson (Nepal)
  • A mother takes care of her daughter, sick with AIDS at Busia, Kenya.
    Una madre cuidando a su hija con  Sida. Busia (Kenya)

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