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Ophelia, my love

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An appropriation of Ophelia's theme, substituting the female character for a male actor. The idea is to make people think about the topics surrounding the construction of gender identity.
  • Ophelia
    My Love
  • There was nowhere to escape because the troubles that haunted her where inside her. She wandered the forest and wonder where had the love that could quench her sadness had gone.
  • She ran helplessly away from her heart but it strangely followed her everywhere, even though it felt like it had abandoned her months ago in the hands of her love, the handsome Hamlet.
  • Black thoughts flooded her mind, the ones that told her thatsorrows are better buried under water and not under a trail of tears.
    Black thoughts, black birds, they flied the same way... run intothe water they said. I'm so tired she replied, but it is not the flesh, it isthe spirit that I've worn out from living on someone else’s borrowed breath.
    She found in the water a willing lover, not the one that sheadored but the one that would take her to her muddy death.

  • For ages people would think that she had made her own bed,the one where she used to lay her bare love.
    Though she was a blooming flower she was pure as a whitedove. We'll never know if what she did was an act of selfishness, and act ofmadness or an act of love.

  • Sweet dreams my love... you were brave but not strongenough.
    May the stillness of death bring peace to the bitterness ofmadness.
    The rocking rhythm of the water is the lullaby to yourslumber. Your soul has left your lifeless body and you are far away from thedistress the afterlife brings to the flesh.
    Forever your sacrifice I’ll remember, and everything elsewill be forgotten. Silence all the bells, the pipes and drums; tell the birdsto sing a mourning song. You are gone forever Oh Ophelia! Oh Ophelia my love.

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