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New York Bikers

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A portrait shoot of 'real' motorcyclists, complete with their own authentic vintage clothing, accessories and a passion for the right brand of bike.
  • Greaser Mike's tattoos
  • Say's it all really..
  • Greaser Mike
  • Greaser Mike | Rings & glasses detail.
  • Greaser Mike's Chopper
  • Jesse
  • Jesse - with goggles
  • Mark
  • Richard
  • Richard's rings, helmet & goggles
  • Maria
  • James
  • Sami
  • Paul
  • New York Bikers
    A London based Interactive Agency needed help in pitching a new social media engagement to Triumph Motorcycles. Their idea were to find new ways of connecting with 'real bikers' Our solution was to set up a portrait studio within a renowned Manhattan Triumph dealer and call an open casting through Craigslist and Facebook.

    An eclectic range of real bikers answered the call. On a sunny Saturday morning, we photographed the bikers exactly as they arrived: no make-up; no styling; just as they were. As real as you can get.
    Creative Director / Photographer: James Bareham
    Assistants: Brandon Kornprobst & Grace Difford
    Retouching: The New Cruelty

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