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This photo project is dedicated to the Russian-Georgian war of 2008. The name is derived from the date of the august,2008 This internationally recognized project was exhibited several times in different countires: Anabechdi magazine-autumn issue,2008 Transcaucasia 2009-center of contemporary art,warsaw,poland artisterium 2009- the manifest of changes and an inner experience,Tbilisi,Georgia
  • 08.08.08 - Tbilisi

    The creation of this photo-project was based on the Georgian-Russian issue.

    The title indicates the date of the beginning of the war- 8th August, 2008. 

    The series represent the description of the stressful psychological state of the population during

    that period of time and illustrates inner forms of reaction to the war in different specific spaces- cafés,

    libraries, supermarkets and  etc. These people have different professions and even through such

    extreme situation they continue their jobs. The helmet is the symbol of their unification, the accent that

    indicates to the activation of self-defense mechanism.

    Project is created within the format of contemporary photography and is a response to the existence

    of excessive documentary material in media during that period of time. 

    The aim of this project was to focus not only the nation in general but to reveal the individuals of the capital.

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